Sailing - simply put, we love it! As Julius Caesar has said, "die has been cast" and there is no return. We do not know why we are in love with the tedious process of adjusting sails, questioning ones wisdom of trusting life to a basic geometry and unsettled water. It is probably the fault of fresh salty air, healthy exercise and heavy romantic influence of the early childhood.

We are a group of enthusiasts located in the heart of Silicon Valley and united by the love of sail. This site contains our pictures from recent trips, calendar that helps us to schedule new adventures, links and materials we find helpful.

The company name honors the romantic part of sailing. Russian writer, Alexander Green, being terminally ill and far away from any ocean, wrote beautiful and romantic sea story "Scarlet Sails". The story of the writer shows that there is a romantic sailor in each of us.
If you are interested, you can find translation of the novel here (linked site is not related to our site). While the translation is a bit amateurish, it can give you an idea of the story. For better reading, you are welcome to visit amazon and purchase a printed version.


Vadim & Helen.